New Year, New Adventures

January 3, 2011


I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays. I am experiencing minor anxiety, thinking about returning to work after 2 WEEKS of vacation! My last act of freedom: creating a cupcake for the Scharffen Berger Chocolate Adventure Cupcake Contest. Here it is, the Irish Cupcake Bomb. It’s a stout chocolate cake with Whiskey Caramel, Irish Cream Filling, […]

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Halcyon Daze

April 13, 2010


The first semester of culinary school I was a giddy, excitable freshman. Again. My Hanover years were more self indulgent in an Annie Dillard, not Animal House, sort of way–lots of wood-wandering, cookie-baking, and soul-exploring.  I spent time at CIA in more productive pursuits partly because – take note present and future parents – I was […]

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Sweet Potato

March 22, 2010


These sassy spuds are a favorite pantry item and a delicious food paradigm: They have remarkable natural sugars, and they’re good for you. They easily tread the line between savory and sweet. They make french fries better. They can be baked, mashed, cubed, grilled, stuffed, fried…. They are slightly hideous on the outside but beautiful bright orange inside. I’ve been […]

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Q&A: Wine and Cheese Pairing

March 18, 2010


Q: Help, Bicycle Chef!!! Tomorrow I am having non-wine/cheese connoisseurs over and was planning to serve some cheese, wine, etc…. here’s what I bought at the store today: chevre, brie, comte (do you now this cheese? It’s wonderful, a bit nutty and maybe considered firm). I also bought fig jam and pears. I have apples and olives and was thinking of […]

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Louisiana Fig Cake

March 17, 2010


Fig Newtons make me gag. They were the only fig experience available to a Kansas City kid, so I assumed I hated figs. Luckily, Erin Lusk didn’t tell me her mom had brought her famous Louisiana FIG Cake to SEA’s campus.

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Eggs Benedict

March 15, 2010


Eggs Benedict is my hypothetical death row meal (with a hot fudge brownie sundae). Unlike grilled cheese or pizza, Eggs Benedict is only worth eating when made well. If I ever find myself coming to the end of my stay in a 6 x 9 Florida cell, it looks like I'll be cooking my own last meal.

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March 13, 2010


Doughnuts protect themselves against predatory amateur bakers with intimidating defenses: yeast and deep-frying. Weighing the costs in time, labor, and potential oil burns against the benefit of eating homemade doughnuts, the logical conclusion is Krispy Kreme. Sometimes we need to defy logic.

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