Citrus Segmenting Demo

Demo Time

I landed my first full-time cooking gig at the Vineyard Gourmet, a street-side lunch and coffee store in Martha’s Vineyard. Dilly, the owner, asked me to suprème an orange, and, seeing my dull reaction, she showed me how. “So this is how they make canned mandarins,” I thought, imagining factories of children in rural china quickly carving with their wee fingers for twenty hour shifts. I’ll never be as quick or precise as the mandarin kids, but I enjoy the process and results of the technique. I’ve broken it down below. Steps 1-3 also apply to cutting most round fruit (watermelons, cantaloupe, kiwis, etc.).

Citrus Segmenting 1-1Citrus Segmenting 2
Citrus Segmenting 3
Citrus Segmenting 4


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