Flavor ABC's

Caramel is the chardonnay of burned sugars, versatile and universal. Dulce de Leche, made with sweetened milk, is like a smooth, medium-body merlot. Cajeta is burnt sweetened goats milk. Cajeta is the old, Burgundian pinot of the group. It’s funky and charming.

Coronado makes a lovely, thick version. Don’t bother with Lechera, which tastes like wet brown sugar. Yesterday Paris brought a case of the good stuff home, and this is how we made it disappear in a week.

Cajeta Oreos

These “Oreos” are made with galletas Marias, which you can find in most grocery stores for about $0.90

Cajeta Obleas

I don’t know how Paris got Obleas back from Mexico without breaking them – each one is about 8″ in diameter

Cajeta and Apples

Apples, meet cajeta

Cajeta Sandwich 2

An almond butter-banana-cajeta sandwich, like most things, improves with a pinch of Maldon sea salt


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